What is Maimoa creative?

Maimoa is passionate about promoting the Māori language through unique printed goods and resources. Aiming to help normalise the use of te reo in everyday life, and to empower people to be proud of their Māoritanga.

I've had the privilege to work with Aroha for a few years now. Her sister was actually my first birthing client and she is the wonderful creative who designed my beautiful logo!

Aroha and her husband Hamuera were both raised speaking English and have gone on to study Te Reo Māori and reclaim this integral part of their heritage in their adult years. They are now raising their own children to speak reo Māori as a first language, helping to connect their children to their heritage.

And with Aroha's third baby, her business, Maimoa Creative.... she is also helping to connect all of Aotearoa with the Te Reo Māori.