One day, all we'll have left of the people we love most are memories.

Memories that are made richer and more vibrant by the flashbacks we get as we look through all those old photos, remembering the "good old days".

I know that this likely isn't something you do everyday, so I don't expect you to know how to act naturally behind the camera to get those "candid" shots you love, or know how to find the best light and flattering angles. That's my job!

Seriously, all you need to worry about is getting those kids in the car - I handle the rest from there.

I'd be lying if I said all my sessions were relaxed and calm - I often let the kids take the lead, allowing their natural personalities to shine through.

This can result in a lot of running around and exploring, but ultimately, it's always lots of fun.

All outdoor sessions take place in the last hour of the day to ensure you get the most flattering light possible. Once you book in with me you will receive a comprehensive preparation guide providing you with all the information you need on how to prepare and what to wear. I am also here to help guide you on location ideas and will even go location scouting on occasion to help achieve the vision you have in mind.


My studio family sessions start at $799 for 10 digital images and all outdoor sessions start at $1099 for 10 digital images.

(All existing/previous clients will receive a VIP price on this)

All sessions include full access to my client wardrobe.

For a full price list and to check availability please get in touch, I'd love to document these "good old days" for you!

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When is the best time to book in?

When you're thinking about it. Also, due to the nature of working with babies and their unpredictable arrival times, I limit the amount of bookings I take on each month to ensure flexibility in my schedule. This means you're best to book in as soon as possible to make sure you don't miss out on a spot.

how long does the session take?

I don't set a specific time frame on my sessions, as all babies and families are unique. But you can expect the session to last anywhere from 30minutes to 1.5hours. I'll always allow for the maximum amount of time in my calendar so you never have to stress.

What if it's raining on the day of our session?

I'm more than happy to shoot in a little bit of rain. However, I will never enforce this and don't want little ones getting sick. So I allow for plenty of flexibility in my schedule for postponements. I will generally be in touch 12-24hrs before your session to offer alternative dates if I felt the need to reschedule was necessary.

Do you do earlier sessions?

Only under very special circumstances. It's always important to note however, that light plays a crucial role in the outcome of your photos and sessions that take place at different times of the day will often result in work that does not look like what you have seen on my website here.

“Had the best experience with Catherine taking our family photos for us. She was professional but relaxed and captured exactly what we wanted even when our two year old was doing his own thing!”

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