Hey Mama,

I'm Cat, your fellow mother and friend who knows how to help you get the right angles so you can FINALLY get those pictures you've always wanted with your bump or babies. Pictures that you actually love yourself in, fill your heart with joy and want to hang on your walls and admire for years.

I was raised among many family dynamics, cultures, generations and socio economic groups. This kind of upbringing fosters a level of understanding, awareness and empathy that can’t always be explained. But it can certainly be felt. It’s felt when during your time with me you realise there truly is no judgement. Just a warm, inviting presence that allows vulnerability and genuine moments to come to life.

My journey as a mother has also bred another level of understanding. I have three children, who were at one point, three and under. So I understand the chaos and I’m right there, walking this chaotic, yet equally beautiful journey of motherhood with you.

It’s through this journey that I’ve also learnt and experienced the real value of what I do. These years are truly fleeting and they deserve to be captured with YOU in the picture.

I truly feel so privileged each time a new family chooses to work with me and look forward to connecting and being a part of your journey x

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10 fun facts

  1. I met my husband on Bebo at 15, and we’ve now been together for 13 years.
  2. I'm a big talker, so most people see me as an extrovert, but I'm actually an introvert deep down and need space to myself on the regular. (Not that I get that much these days with 3 young kiddies hahaha)
  3. My husband and I are trying to learn Te Reo Māori and have completed two years of night classes. We still have a loooooong way to go before we achieve our goal of being able to fluently speak Māori with our children as our main language though! It’s a journey! IYKYK.
  4. Our children’s names are Quaid, Manawanui and Aumārire. Quaid is named after my husbands late brother and our girls were given Māori names as a part of our goal to reclaim Te Reo Māori.
  5. We have a dog named Ghost. He’s a mixed pitbull breed and the most gentle soul that tolerates my toddlers beautifully.
  6. Before pursuing photography, I was a personal trainer.
  7. I’m a talker and I LOVE getting into a deep, thought provoking conversation, and can often be found getting caught in conversation with my clients after a shoot.
  8. I was a personal trainer before I was a photographer and have certifications in anatomy and physiology.
  9. I love a birth story and you can actually find mine in my blogs or listen to it on Kiwibirthtales here.
  10. I am a big believer in manifestation ✨