I know how hard it can be to find something flattering to wear when you're at the end of your pregnancy and nothing in your wardrobe fits anymore. It sucks. And a beautiful dress, really can help you feel like the beautiful, badass baby growing goddess that you are (that you maybe haven't felt like all pregnancy 😅). So instead of having to invest in a dress you may only wear once, I've invested in a whole wardrobe for you.

You're welcome to borrow 1-2 items for any of your portrait sessions. I will steam them prior to your session and bring them for you to change into before hand (Please note - your choice of locations may mean changing in public 😅). You don't need to worry about getting them wet or dirty. In fact, I encourage you to get in the water with them! I'll then take them home afterwards and wash them before they are available for the next client.

Most of these dresses are best worn with a strapless bra. You'll also be able to see more pictures of these dresses on my Instagram 'Client Wardrobe' highlight tab here.

Phoenix robe

One size | Should fit 6 - 14

Simone Dress - Khaki

Size small & large | Should fit 8-16


Size small | Should fit 8-12

sitting pretty dress

Size 10 & 14 | Should fit 8-16

Emmaline gown

One Size | Should fit 10 - 18

Pirate queen gown

Size Medium | Should fit 8-14

Lapis Maxi Dress

Size M/L | Should fit 12-16

melody maxi

Size S/M | Should fit 8-12

(Best for smaller bumps)

alexandria dress

Size Medium | Should fit 10 - 14

Wild child kimono

One size | Should fit 6 - 16

Alexa Dress

Size Medium | Should fit 10 - 14

Into the sun maxi

Size medium | Should fit 10 - 14

Mandala kimono- pink

One size | Should fit 6 - 16

linen shirt

Size Medium | Should fit 8-12

kayla dress

Size 8 | Should fit 6-8

Angel kimono

One size | Should fit 6 - 16

Kyra midi dress - Saffron

Size Small | Should fit size 8-12

Green floral dress

Size XL | Should fit size 8-12

(Yes you read that right 🤣 - Best for smaller bumps)

Wispy kimono - white

One size | Should fit 6 - 16

Wispy Kimono - purple

One size | Should fit 6 - 16