I've had the privilege to work with Rawinia three times now. Helping provide story telling portraiture to align with her business and copy content. Through this time, we have both evolved. How special that you also get to come along this journey with us.

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Rawinia 1.0

The first time I met this beautiful soul. Back when Rawinia and her business was known as 'Well+Bright'. Referred to me through a mutual friend to help her create content. I was excited. I REALLY wanted to do work like this. But I was still so new. Like I had only picked up a camera about 6 months prior. But she. trusted me and we had a great day creating some beautiful content. Little did we know however, that was just the beginning and we hadn't delved into our true potentials yet. (Blog to come)

Rawinia 2.0

Back to New Zealand from her time in Bali, Ra didn't have any set plans.. as the main intention was simply to come home and support her family through a difficult situation.

But she was this shoot happened at a time when she was feeling grounded and felt called to stay. Her business was evolving very dramatically at this point, and I really wanted to help showcase this new woman she was becoming. To push my creative boundaries just that little bit more.

Rawinia 3.0

It was the red nails. I saw them on Ra's instagram story. Her new, bold, red nails. They were a vibe. Also the signal of a new growth and phase in her business. She had just launched 'The Resurrection' & so I messaged her and we set up a time to document these nails and new vibe. Ra had visions of the red dress and the forest so we put this together and showcased a side visually we hadn't yet pulled off. Lots of mood and feminine power. Bring on the manifestation of 4.0

And here is the final work from Rawinia 3.0 ... enjoy x