I believe that we all deserve to document this incredible journey of strength, vulnerability and transformation. This journey that makes you and I, a mother. So that’s why I’m here to document your days of maternity, to birth right through to your transition into your new way of life. 

Along the way, I have learned that many mothers believe this too, and they want to capture the fleeting and irreplaceable moments of motherhood, but they struggle with making themselves a priority or feeling overwhelmed with the process. I also understand that getting your photo taken can feel uncomfortable at the best of times. 

So I create an atmosphere that feels safe, comfortable and beautiful. An atmosphere that reminds you that it’s okay to make yourself a priority - to see yourself the way your baby see’s you. So together, we can create images where women are celebrated in the moments they, and their children will treasure forever. 

What people have said:

I've worked with Cat 4 times now and I've never been disappointed! She is so easy to work with, she can give great directions for those who feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, she is patient with kids and just an awesome human being!! The photos she took will forever remind us of the journey we've been on!

- Georgiana Fitzpatrick

Catherine's genuine energy allows you and your family to feel very comfortable in front of the camera and in her company. We have all of our family photos with her and are endlessly thankful for her sharing her talent with the world. Highly recommend her. 

- Holly Bakker

Catherine was my very first photographer ever and for a camera shy person she made me and my family feel so comfortable. Captured the most amazing moments that she’s now my go to and captured many more moments with us. She’s worth it and you will never regret those memories.

- Jusdean Spicer

Some Recent work: