For the mothers that want beautiful, timeless and empowering photographs to remember the most precious years of their lives.

Hey mama!

I'm Cat, your fellow mother and friend.

I believe that until you've held your baby in your arms for that first year of their life, you never truly understand how much of a thief time really is. Why everyone keeps telling you that "time goes so fast".

With three young children of my own, I understand how chaotic and hard the reality of pregnancy and motherhood can be. How much of ourselves we give to our children. How at the time, a photoshoot can seem so extra and unnecessary. As someone who's now on the other side however, I truly can't express enough how precious and valuable these images will one day be.

You'll never get this time back, or a chance to do it over. So let me turn your motherhood journey into beautiful art that makes you feel beautiful and lets you hold onto those precious few years of your babies lives long after the time thief takes the days away from you. If not for you, for them. x

The milestones I can capture for you


Holly Bakker

““Catherine's genuine energy allows you and your family to feel very comfortable in front of the camera and in her company. We have all of our family photos with her and are endlessly thankful for her sharing her talent with the world. Highly recommend her.””

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