It's no secret that looking at our images brings back memories. You remember holding a newborn baby, but when you see the images again, it's like the fog clears, and you remember the finer details again. The little skin flakes. The wrinkly knees. The sucking blister on their lip. The fine hair still on their bodies. Sometimes you even remember how they smelt. But more importantly - you remember again, how this time felt.

I know first hand how busy life can be with children and work commitments. The juggle is real! Your most precious memories don't deserve to stay hidden away in your phone gallery or hard drives though, so I've put together a print service that allows you to purchase prints right from your online viewing gallery!

All my printing is done through Queensberry, a professional, family owned print lab here in New Zealand who pride themselves on high quality products that are hand made right here in our own country. This isn't the cheapest way to print, but if quality is important to you, you can rest assured that their products and processes are designed to last generations, their colours will be accurate and it will all be delivered straight to your door.

To view the different options I will have available through your gallery - feel free to have a look through this page

Cat x


Albums are a beautiful way to tell your story and remember this time without taking up all your wall space. Your children will love to pick up this album and peer back at these images one day. I can promise you that, as it's the first thing I always used to do as a kid when visiting my grandparents!

It's also a perfect way to showcase all your beautiful images when you just can't bring yourself to narrow down to a few favourites.

These albums are flat lay flush mount 10x10" albums and will come with a translucent title page, presented in a suede bag and box for protection. You will have the option to choose the different cover styles and materials below. You will also have the option to add a copy album (smaller duplicate) at your time of purchase which is perfect as a gift for grandparents or overseas family.

Please note - to make this process less overwhelming and as straightforward as possible for you, I have chosen warmer tones that suit my editing style. Queensberry do have other options available though so if you would like to look at other colour/cover options, please let me know.

Album Prices:

20 images: $690

30 Images: $790

50 Images: $890

Copy Album: $249

Cover style options

Plain/Simple Embossed

Wrap Around (not available in micro leather)

Cover Material options

Vintage Leather



Sand Dune











Present your beautiful images on your wall in timeless, ready to hang, quality made frames that you can admire daily for all the years to come.

To avoid overwhelm and keep this process as simple as possible, I have provided you with selected sizes in each style.

Custom sizes and alternative glass options are available upon request though, so do get in touch if this is something you're after.

Frame options available



Warm Metallic

Oak Wood Grain

Dark Grey Wood Grain

Lustre Frame Prices

These Frames are printed in true photographic lustre and presented with an Ivory coloured Mat should you choose to have one.


Small 12 x 8": $140

Medium 14 x 11": $190

Large 20 x 16": $300

Extra Large 24 x 20": $420

Square Medium 16 x 16": $250

Square Large 20 x 20": $380

Un matted:

Small 12 x 8": $130

Medium 14 x 11": $180

Large 20 x 16": $280

Extra Large 24 x 20": $380

Square Medium 16 x 16": $230

Square Large 20 x 20": $340

Oak Wood Grain and Dark Grey Wood Grain coloured frames

Fine Art - Torn Edge Framed Print

Present your favourite images in a beautiful artistic way - A fine art print on cotton rag floating in the frame with torn edges.

Small 12x8": $190

Medium 14 x11": $270

Large 20 x 16": $440

Square Medium 16 x 16": $340

Oak Wood Grain Frame

Montage Framed Print

When you can't decide on just one image, present a collection of your favourite images on your wall. Choose between 3,4,6 and 9 images in large. square frame.

(Please note 3 and 6 will be in portrait or landscape images, while 4 and 9 will be square images)

Square Medium 16 x 16": $250

Square Large 20 x 20": $380

Square Medium 16 x 16" with 4 images in Oak Wood Grain frame