Motherhood portraits are raw, intimate and precious.

They're here to celebrate you and all the amazing work you and your body has done as a mama. To celebrate the bond and love you have for your little one. You can book in for a motherhood portrait to document what the days are like at home with your little one(s) before heading back into the workforce or to document the end of your feeding journey. Otherwise I also encourage you to utilise this session to document your body. As it is today. This body your baby once called home. Whether you've come to love your body, or you're still on your journey of self love. I encourage you to document it, because it is SO worthy of documenting.

YOU are worthy of documenting.

To make the most of your investment, all outdoor portraits are done within the first or last few hours of the day when the light is softer and more flattering. All in home portraits are done around 9:30/10am.

Packages start from $700.

For a full list of prices and availability please get in touch.


When is the best time to book in?

Due to the nature of working with babies and their unpredictable arrival times, I limit the amount of bookings I take on each month to ensure flexibility in my schedule. This means you're best to book in as soon as possible to ensure we can fit you in if you are wanting to book in before heading back into the workforce.

how long does the session take?

I don't set a specific time frame on my sessions, as all babies and families are unique. But you can expect the session to last anywhere from 30minutes to 1.5hours. I'll always allow for the maximum amount of time in my calendar so you never have to stress.

Do you just do these in peoples homes?

No, we can definitely get out and about. I also travel to Raglan at no extra cost to you if you would like to document this time out there. However, I personally feel like there is nothing more special and nostalgic than documenting these sessions in your own home and space.

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