Meet Georgi

Georgi (Georgi-Anna FitzPatrick) is passionate about working with women and promoting pelvic floor health to the world. In her words, this pelvic floor awareness and information was needed yesterday, but today will have to do. She is a beautiful Romanian woman, living in New Zealand with her Kiwi husband and 2 boys: Arnie (5yo) and Oswald (2yo). She has been working with pre and postnatal women for the last 4.5 years during which time she's delved deeper into understanding the core and pelvic floor , finding her passion for movement, barefoot shoes and opening up conversations about vulvas, sex, prolapse and birth. She shares openly about her journey and encourages other women to explore their bodies, be curious, move freely and feel sexy again.

One of the places Georgi shares this passion and knowledge for pelvic floor awareness is in her Kangatraining classes. These are fitness classes designed specifically for the postpartum māmā's. Māmā's wear their babies using a baby carrier and follow Georgi's choreographed movements to some fun music. During this she'll provide cues and specific movements to help strengthen and bring awareness to pelvic floor health.

If Kangatraining isn't your thing, she also provides this support and education in her prenatal yoga classes and pelvic floor workshops. These workshops are a fun and interactive way to learn the stuff that, like she said, we should have known about yesterday. Georgi now also provides some of her workshops and classes via zoom; so you can still get dancing, laughing and feeling sexier again with a healthier pelvic floor from wherever you're located.

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