The finer details

FRESH 48 sessions - what to expect

Fresh 48 sessions are lifestyle/documentary sessions

This means I'll be capturing your new addition to the family in a way that reflects you all as you would naturally be... snuggling, laughing with maybe a little bit of chaos in there for good measure (hello toddlers 🤪). So very candid - but i'll also give you simple cues and guidance where needed. I'll also be looking to capture details that tell a story of this special time - e.g. hospital/birth centre corridors. A Fresh 48 session can also be an opportunity to capture some powerful and raw postpartum images that celebrate you and all the work your beautiful body has just achieved.

How this will work -

Once I arrive where you're staying, I'll have a look at the lighting and look for the areas I think we'll utilise the most. This will usually be by a window (more on how to prepare for that below). If baby is asleep already - we can start by photographing them and all their fresh details first. After that we'll get you and some family members to hold baby. The session will last roughly 1.5hrs, but I have no set time limit, so you can spend some time feeding baby at any point during the session. I love to get images of your babies feeding journey too, however that may look, for you to look back on. (These images can stay 100% private, but if you're not comfortable or interested in images like this please let me know).

How to prepare your space

No need to stress about cleaning your whole space! Lighting is key, so I will be mainly looking for one main space in your home or where you're staying that is well lit.

To prepare this space before I arrive, try and remove as much clutter as possible. & If we're doing these at your home - if you have a plain duvet, i'd recommend using that on your bed (This is because bold prints and clutter can be distracting and take the focus away from you and your family).

However - that being said - these early days are all a whirlwind!

And if you would love to have all the messy details and raw reality of your space documented then I am totally open to that too!

We will likely undress your little one down to show off their cute skin wrinkles, so it's important to make sure the temperature is warm and comfortable.

Deciding What to wear:

It's important that yourself and your family are comfortable more than anything. And as you may still be tender and sore, something loose and flowy may be ideal. Think lounge wear or a floaty dress. Possibly something you can breast feed from easily too.

I love to work with warm, earthy and neutral tones. Think cream, oat, olive, rust, beige, dusty pink. However, these are your images, so if your favourite top is bright blue, wear that! Where possible, try to avoid large prints and logo's unless of course you want to have them noticed in the photo's. Also, for family portraits and larger groups, my advice is to colour coordinate tones but not to all wear the exact same colour.

If there's something special you want included in the photo's (e.g. Family blanket, Pounamu) keep it aside and let me know in your questionnaire notes.

If you would like to capture a few images to celebrate your postpartum body, let me know! I would love to document this insanely beautiful and vulnerable time for you (no one has to see) We would likely do this at the end of the session, and some plain bra and undies are usually best to keep the focus on you x

Dress/clothing hire

I have a small range of garments that you're welcome to borrow for the shoot. If you see something you like, please let me know before hand and I will make sure to bring it.

See the client wardrobe

Any other questions?

If you had any other questions, or even if you wanted to send me photos of your space, add them into your email reply otherwise feel free to contact me on 021424263 at anytime.