The finer details

Deciding what to wear:



The most important thing, is that you're comfortable. Because if you don't feel comfortable - it will show in your images. However - if you're doing this shoot to step outside your comfort zone - maybe bring yourself a couple of options and see how you feel on the day.

What is the story you want to tell?

Your images tell a story. So think about what it is you want to remember when you look back on these images. For empowerment/personal images, I recommend stripping it RIGHT back. So that the focus is on you... not the clothing/era we're in. this might mean a plain coloured (nude/black/white) undies and bra, one piece tog bodysuit set, classic slip dress. However... a bold red can represent feminine power. Or a blue might be a significant colour to you - in which case - feel free to wear that! Remember - this is your story.


I love to work with warm, earthy and neutral tones. Think olive, rust, beige, dusty pink. As these colours tend to compliment the New Zealand backdrop the best. Also, where possible, try to avoid large prints and logo's unless of course you want to have them noticed in the photo's. And for family portraits and larger groups, my advice is to colour coordinate tones but not to all wear the exact same colour. Again however, remember that this is your story.


Make sure the pieces you choose fit well. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly pulling something up or down during the shoot and not feel comfortable to move and be free. I also recommend slightly longer skirts or dresses incase I get you to do any sitting down photographs.

consider the environment

Consider what season we're going to be photographing in and always double check the forecast the day before or the day of your shoot. This way you can be prepared with a warmer jacket or a nice top that you can wear if you get too hot under a jumper. If it's important to you to wear a dress during the winter to tell the story you could always bring a nice blanket to wrap up in between shots or even wear during the shoot 😊

Dress/clothing hire:

Client Wardrobe

I have a small range of garments that you're welcome to borrow for the shoot. If you see something you like, please let me know before hand and I will make sure to bring it. The garments I offer to use are okay to be used in the sand and to get wet.

Lend Me The Dress

Lend Me The Dress offers an amazing range of beautiful garments you can hire in a variety of sizes and colours. Use the discount code 'photographer20' for 20% off. We can use these at the beach, but need to keep them out of the sand and water.

Pinterest inspo

I have put together a pinterest board which you can view here to give you a little more inspo on outfit ideas. Feel free to create your own board to share with me if you wanted to as well!

Hair & Makeup

If you'd like to look into having hair and make up done, these are a few of the gals I recommend that I know will 100% look after you and have you looking your best. Each will have their own individual prices and availability so please contact them to organise along side your session if it's something you would like.

how to be confident behind the camera -

In the wise words of Sophie Lea Photography -

Let go of perfectionism.
It will rob you of this and many, many experiences.
But that's a long game. And something you need to chip away at daily.
Your child/children are the perfect focus during your session. They're on top of you wrapped around you and it really is a time for that - you're not expected to stand like a model.
Clothing that flatters will help with how you feel for sure. I always like a flowy dress for making me feel instantly 'goddessy' and it hides the less desirable bits.
Being present. Being totally present. That's all it is. Once you're there nothing will change.
Just let it be.

So let go of perfectionism, and just focus on being present. Breathe in the salty air, feel the grass between your toes, laugh like there's no tomorrow and remember what a miracle it is to be here in this very moment to celebrate you and your story.

And most of all, just trust me. I will look after you x

Extra notes

  • We'll be outdoors, so bring a warm jacket - You can always leave this in the car.
  • Sometimes there's a bit of walking involved, so bring water - You can leave this in the car.
  • For beach shoots - Bring a towel and something warm to change into (We'll always do water shots last if you're up to them)
  • Before you get out of your vehicle or leave the house, do a mental check, are you wearing all the jewellery/clothing you had planned? Or is there jewellery/hair ties around your wrist you need to take off? Sunglasses you could leave in the car?
  • If you're bringing things to location, try bring it all in one bag so nothing gets lost. (A backpack is best as I can wear it for you while we shoot)

Any other questions?

If you had any other questions, add them into your email reply otherwise feel free to contact me on 021424263 at anytime.